The Art Teacher

Un paio di capolavori, per un amico del cuore.

PS The song was recorded in concert in Montréal, and I was there.

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Josh83 ha detto...

And all best wishes to you, too, Maliarda, from Andrew and me, per your post over on J.R.'s blog.

(I recognize the Sargent, but I have never seen it in person. That one is at the Met, isn't it?)

Sorry that my remarks are not in Italian!

We didn't speak much Italian in Oklahoma.


maliarda ha detto...

Thank you for your visit!

We didn't speak much Italian in Oklahoma.

:-))))) I think they don't speak much Oklahoma in Italy.

Yes, the Sargent is at the Met.


ha detto...

Grazie, my dear!

I love Sargent. But not as much as I love you....


maliarda ha detto...

Dear heart,

Thank you for the love and light you so generously share, with me and with all.